Mike Neil Traditional Martial Arts

Serving Aurora and the Tri-Cities Area

Thank you for visiting Mike Neil Traditional Martial Arts Association, the home of Professional Martial Artists united in a common goal: to enrich the community through the Martial Arts - One student at a time.

Mike Neil Martial Arts teaches a powerful system consisting of defenses and attacks utilizing the entire body. The blocks and strikes are designed to be directed and focused so as to maximize power upon impact. A fundamental knowledge of anatomy enables the practitioner to apply techniques that achieve the greatest effect under all circumstances. Our foundational Martial art is Tang Soo Do - enhanced by the practical self defense of various grappling and striking arts.

Traditional Martial Arts practitioners work diligently to improve their physical condition through training sessions that include strong cardiovascular workouts. By practicing extensive drills, the student develops the respiratory system, which in turn improves both physical and mental endurance. By improving flexibility, the student learns to better control the actions of the muscle groups responsible for the execution of each technique. Traditional Martial Arts students condition the blocking and striking areas of their bodies to prevent injury to themselves and increase the effectiveness of techniques used to defend against an aggressor.
At Mike Neil Traditional Martial Arts we develop physical abilities with the full understanding that they are to be used soley in cases of self defense or in defense of the defenseless. We develop our internal abilities so that we are self confident and therefore less likely to be chosen as victims by those who prey on the weak.

At Mike Neil Traditional Martial Arts we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Students learn a balance of the martial arts systems designed and tuned to meet their specific needs and objectives, and best suited for their strengths and limitations. Our foundational art of Tang Soo Do was developed in China by a Korean Master - and was heavily influenced by the Japanese Martial Arts. The Grandmaster (now deceased) combined the best of his training into this blended system.

When you compare Mike Neil Traditional Martial Arts to any other school you will quickly find that we are miles ahead of the field! At Mike Neil Traditional Martial Arts, our carefully structured programs go a lot further than just punching and kicking. As professional martial arts instructors we feel that it is our duty not only to help our students develop self defense skills, but also to provide a complete program of personal development to enhance the student's quality of life.